Today marks the 6th year since I incorporated my small company. Thanks to all of you for your wishes and for reminding me of this small, yet an important, milestone for numerous reasons.

I started working for myself in 2010 (about a decade and a half behind schedule but a start nevertheless) in the pursuit of a more important and lifelong dream. While I am still a long ways from it even now, I believe I have actually made some progress in the last year or so and for that, I am happy.

My company and I, and sometimes they mean the exact same thing if you know what I mean!, have been working on building a software product for a little while now and while it certainly doesn’t intend to or is capable of solving world hunger, it still has taken its own sweet time for  a variety of reasons, not the least of it being my inefficiency to manage it better. I shamelessly admit it. I’ve failed many a times over these years and it hasn’t been for the one reason that I actually thought might make it more challenging – the technical aspects. It has been just about everything else.

In any case, every failure created a learning opportunity and if you are a coder, you might agree with me that we tend to learn more from bugs and exceptions and errors than from features that magically end up working in the very first attempt or iteration. Several technology stacks and numerous feature changes later, I have a feeling I am now in the right direction at least to the extent I am able to foresee.

As I think about celebrating my company’s 6th anniversary and the little bit it has been able to accomplish over the years, I also ponder over the fact that this year marks the 2nd decade of my stay in the United States of America. I’ve now lived here half my life and only really know how to live here at this point. It has been a remarkable journey despite the fact that I’ve only achieved about 20% of my goals and have a significant portion of it to go still! Regardless, I would like to thank all my clients (previous, current and future ones), and the recruiters who helped me find them, for keeping me employed over these years and thereby, helping me keep my dreams afloat. You make all the difference to my dreams & my pursuit of them.

While my heart desires that I quit everything else I am doing right now to focus all my energies solely on building my product, I realize I still have to wait a bit longer. However, I am closer than ever to taking the plunge and that very thought gives me goose pimples. Till that happens though, I will continue to rely on my clients to help me and my company stay afloat. I promise I’ll do the very best I can, as always, and will give you no less than the best bang for your buck.

— krish @ http://www.snowpal.software

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