Snowpal’s Pitch product allows you to create content (as keys, blocks and pods), & structure it in a way that works best for you, in the interest of making you more productive. It also provides support to track your performance and rate your levels of satisfaction. In addition, you can collaborate with other members, be it students, teachers, coworkers, friends and/or family, by granting them varying levels of access to your content. Use in-app conversations, rely on badge notifications, customize your content layout & visualize reports through rich charts. Enjoy productivity.

How are we different?

Here is what we believe, and know!, our USP is.

ACL Depth

Granular control over who sees what. For instance, you can create a block and share it with a group of users, but create pods underneath them and share it with a mutually exclusive set of users. You will notice why this makes a world of a difference when you start using the app, and adding content.

Chart Richness

Visually rich charting components to surface your data in a more illustrative fashion to you. We have plenty of cards, and at all levels. Starting with the Dashboard, and the way to Pods (with Keys and Blocks in between), there are several charts that provide specific value depending on the type of content you have.

Customizable content structure

Create data once, and choose to link it as many times as you like. Think of them as symbolic links. These provide a way for you to customize your content structure without having to re-create them all the time. Blocks and Pods can be linked to other Keys or Blocks, and we show up the references so you know how they relate to each other.

Track-ability of performance

Define your own Grading Scales to measure progress and satisfaction, and track your progress, your child’s progress or your employee’s progress with it. Use them in conjunction with Charts to get a clear picture of your or someone else’s performance. Grades are private to you, of course. Sharing content shares just about everything else but not your grades!

Teacher & Student Keys

If you are a Teacher, this aspect of the product might pique your interest in particular as you will benefit from it right away. These keys work as pairs, and you can create a Teacher Key and collaborate with other Teachers (or Teaching Assistants), and add Students to your key. Depending on the role of your collaborator, they get to do different things.

Platform features

In-app Conversations

Use In-app Conversations to send messages to your collaborators. While there is no dearth of chat software, it is hard to deny that you want to keep in-app conversations within the tool so it is meaningfully located, and has context. We support both private and group conversations.

Badge Notifications

Receive Badge Notifications that ensure you don’t miss any important activity and/or due dates. A variety of actions result in notifications and while some of them may be actions that defined (like due dates, for instance), there are others that relate to actions performed by your collaborators. Don’t miss anything!


Go to the Dashboard to keep you apprised of what’s going on at any given point of time. What were some of the Recently Modified Blocks or Pods? What are some of the Pods or Tasks that are due shortly? How many pending conversations do I have?


Mark your Keys, Blocks or Pods as Favorites. A Block or a Pod that you are working on this week can become this week’s favorite.

Recent Activity

Check out your Recent Activity. Look at them as breadcrumbs but with additional information about your trail so you can quickly switch back and forth between a few Blocks and Pods that you are working on.

Recent Comments

Recent Comments show up comments your collaborators have added recently to content you share with them.

What can I use this for?

You can use our product for a variety of things in your daily life. We are putting up a Demo Server that you can play with to get a better sense of our offering. It is in the works, and will be available once we go LIVE.

Meanwhile, here are some of the ways you can use it.

For making Travel Plans

You are planning a vacation. You have a few places in mind. You want a way to document your research so you make a calculated (and quantifiable) decision that works best for you, and don’t want to rely on simple documents or spreadsheets that are rather limiting. Our product will come in handy.

For Organizing Events

You are organizing an event . It could be a small one that includes some of your close friends and family, and is hosted at your home. Or, you intend to invite a good number of people, cater food, arrange entertainment and host it in a conference (or community) hall. You want a good way to plan this. Our product will come in handy.

For Managing your School, or College Work

You are in middle school, or high school, or college, and want to be able to track your progress, and make improvements where necessary. Beyond what your school or college provides, you want a tool that lets you define your own metrics, thereby helping you identify both your strengths and weaknesses. If your child is too young to manage this themselves, you can help them out as a parent or guardian. Our product will come in handy.

For Teaching (other students, or your kids, or anyone!)

You are a Teacher, and work with other Teachers or Teaching Assistants to administer classes. Whether you have a class of 20, or 2 (if you offer tuition lessons, for instance), our product will come in handy. We have specific features that target Teachers, and Students.

For pursuing Specific Interests

Say, you are a music lover who frequents a range of concerts every weekend, and want a way to track what you enjoyed a lot, and what you didn’t so you could focus your dollars on concerts that satisfy your interests best. Our product will come in handy. You can create Music Keys, and Blocks/Pods within them, collaborate with your other friends or family who share this interest, and create a rich set of documentation either for yourself, or for generations to come!

For Employee Assessment

A friend of mine is a doctor in Australia and a requirement he had was to be able to use a simple tool to help assess the trainees in his team. Our product will come in handy. While it wasn’t one we had necessarily thought about while defining the product requirements, it took less than a few minutes to come up with a structure that would fit his needs. Of course, the very first layout may not be what you end up going with, but creating numerous variations of the exact same content is rather straightforward given our linking feature. So, you can try a few different options, and go with the one that works best for you. I tend to use a mind map to help organize my thoughts before I create a lot of this content.

For College Planning

You are a Junior, or Senior in high school, and are planning to attend college. There are numerous choices in front of you, and you want a structured way to plan for college. Our product will come in handy. It will allow you to create a Key for every college you desire to be admitted into, let you compare colleges, help you along the way as you apply to them, and so on and so forth.

For Staying Organized!

Say, none of the examples above fit your needs. Don’t you fret! What we have is a rather generic product and while we would be implementing more & more vertical services as we go, all that you need to be able to use our product is an urge to stay organized. And if you are like one of us who doesn’t believe in leaving anything to memory, you will benefit immensely from the structure it aims to provide. So, sign up and take it for a spin. The more data you feed, the more value it is going to bring to the table.


  1. The links on our product page will become active once we go LIVE.
  2. For the complete experience (in this first version 1.0), use it on the Web. We do have mobile support, of course!, but you can do a whole lot more on the Web. In subsequent versions, we’ll have much richer mobile support. For now, you can still create content, view your content, define your structure/layout and all of that but to be able to collaborate, have in-app conversations, and track your performance (amongst other things), you need to get on the Web.

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