I am going to publish a series of Training Videos (starting from very simple and generic items like Signing Up to a bit more product-specific items like Collaborating with another member after granting them Write Access to a Block).

Here’s the first one – How to sign up?

One use case: Tool for students to improve grades in School or College.

– Track your home work.
– Track your assignments, quizzes, projects and exams.
– Assign grades.
– Compare your grades across classes (or courses), or between assessments in a single course.
– See rich charts that illustrate your strengths and weaknesses.
– Collaborate with friends.

Get smarter! Stay organized.

#snowpal #pitch #organized #signup

One thought on “Stay organized on Snowpal Pitch (Improve your grades in school or college!) #TrainingVideo

  1. #snowpal #pitch #organized
    Stay organized with Snowpal Pitch! Organize Parties, Plan your Vacation, Improve your College Grades!


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