The product we would like to introduce to you is called: Snowpal Pitch

What does the product do

Snowpal’s Pitch product allows you to create content & structure it in a way that works best for you. It provides support to track your performance and rate your levels of satisfaction. In addition, you can collaborate with other members, be it students, teachers, coworkers, friends and/or family, by granting them varying levels of access to your content.

Some of the platform features we currently support are: in-app conversations, badge notifications, content layout customization & data visualization through rich charts.

We also have a growing list of vertical services, and one for them is a Teacher/Student service. If you are a tutor, this service is meant specifically for you.

Who is the target audience for the offering

It is every one of you, who takes pride in staying organized in all walks of life. If you have plenty of things to do on a daily basis, and could use some help in managing your commitments, activities, deliverables, and passions, you would be better served by using Snowpal Pitch.

  • You may be a high school or college student, or someone who believes in continuous learning.You could use Snowpal Pitch to manage your course work, track your performance, and also help identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You may be the head of your household and need a tool to manage all your household commitments that range from home maintenance, to insurance shopping, to filing taxes.
  • You may be a parent or guardian who wants to ensure that your children are doing well both in school and in their extracurricular activities, and you need an effective way to organize all of their work and activities.
  • You are planning your next vacation, and want a way to compare potential travel destinations to help you pick the best one for this next trip. And once you do that, you want to organize all aspects of this trip by collaborating with others who would be traveling with you and your family.
  • You could be a realtor who wants to manage their listings and communicate with clients in a more structured manner.
  • You could be a recruiter who needs a way to manage your current list of clients and candidates.

What does our roadmap look like

As we go through our releases, we will continue to improve our platform so it becomes more powerful, and at the same time, we will be adding a number of vertical services to satisfy specific markets.

In this current release, the web supports a lot more features than mobile. We recommend you check us out on the web to get the full experience. Soon, we’ll have native apps that support most, if not all, of the web features.

We expect that it will take you about a half hour or so to understand the branding and terminologies in the product, and once you get past that phase, you should be on your merry way. We have plenty of context-sensitive help videos to make your experience seamless.

Thank you, and use us to stay more organized, and enjoy productivity!

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