New York City is one of the best cities in the world


  • It has extraordinary buildings (including but certainly not limited to the absolutely brilliant WTC buildings) – such is the infrastructure,
  • Outstanding food (and did I mention, vegan!) – such are the fine dining restaurants,
  • Endless sidewalks that provide the best platform for compulsive walkers like my wife and I – such is the size of the city
  • The best Chinese food we’ve eaten in the country – such is the clear soup and more,
  • It is the one city that literally never sleeps,
  • It has broadway shows like Chicago, and the other 100 we have yet to see – such is the importance on arts,
  • It has umpteen Fresh & Co(s) who happen to carry the best, natural yogurt you can find anywhere – such are the casual eateries,
  • It provides plenty of business opportunities for entrepreneurs from all walks of life – such is the economy,
  • It has one of the loveliest parks in the country (not to mention one that you don’t have to drive 100s of miles to get to) – such is the access to good health and fresh air,
  • It has envious penthouses that one can’t help but aspire to get it into (one day!) – such is the inspiration,
  • It provides an exciting shopping experience with stores like the tiny Ralph Lauren one (if memory serves me right) in uptown (not too far from MET Museum) that is unlike we have ever seen – such is the shopping experience,
  • It is the only city I know of, or have been to, where you have hear a 100 different languages in a single 10-mile walk – such is the diversity,
  • My most favorite show ever, Seinfeld, was shot and based entirely in the city – such are the locales,
  • Every time we decide to go on vacation, we ask ourselves, “Why look for some place else when there is New York City?” – such is the addiction,


All of the above is made possible by:

  • Our thankless
    • Members of US Armed Forces,
    • First responders,
    • Firefighters,
    • Police officers,
    • Health care workers,
  • Hardworking New Yorkers,
  • Government officials,
  • Journalists,
  • Social workers,
  • Volunteers,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Food vendors,
  • Hair stylists,
  • Entertainers,
  • Tourists,
  • Engineers,
  • Artists,
  • Musicians,
  • Lawyers,
  • Chefs,
  • Gig workers,
  • Construction workers,

…and everyone else who makes New York City the best city in the world.

New York City

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