Absolutely excited about our most recent push (aka, deployment)!!

We are confident that this particular new feature will go a long way in helping us get a foot in the door of all those teams, and individuals, who’ve been looking for an alternative to a very busy (and often confusing) project management tool like Jira, and other such tools that require one to download a ton of browser plugins (that don’t always integrate well with each other).

Maybe, a fresh SaaS platform from a small, passionate, committed team that allows you to:

  • Manage your project(s) at work,
  • Plan your next vacation,
  • Help yourself (or your kids) achieve higher academic and other forms of success in school or college,
  • Manage the resources you find on LinkedIn better to satisfy your clients’ needs better,
  • Administer classes to a group of students and track their performance,
  • … And do a whole lot more, all in one place and with an ever increasing suite of both horizontal (platform) features and vertical (niche) services — is what you need!

Sign up on https://pitch.snowpal.com.

Be Organized. Be Happy. Be on Pitch.

#snowpal #pitch #organized #projectmanagement #kanban

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