A big thanks to our team!

It’s a year since we went LIVE (with our web platform). We’ve implemented a ton of things in the last year. To simply name a few big ticket items (specifics to follow in a follow-up article):

  1. Feature: Kanban Views (for Kanban lovers)
  2. Feature: Project Key Service (for Project Management)
  3. Feature: Scheduler (to manage all your System & Standalone events)
  4. Feature: Relations (to relate all your content)
  5. Enhancement: More Charts (Data Visualization)
  6. Enhancement: Numerous UI/UX improvements
  7. Feature: Caching on multiple tiers (Performance Improvements)
  8. Feature: Infinite Scrolling (on List View pages)
  9. Number of Bug Fixes (for a more solidified platform)
  10. Huge Refactors (to expedite development)
  11. Feature: Templates (to help create content quickly based on predefined templates)
  12. Feature: 2 brand new Native Mobile apps which have been on the App/Play Stores for about 3 months now.
  13. Design work for future services
  14. Marketing Videos (Animated + LIVE), DevOps improvements, Blogs, and yada, yada, yada!

As you can imagine, that’s a lot of work. We are a small group of extremely committed & passionate individuals, and while we realize there are more mountains to climb, we also know that we’ve come a long way.

Super thrilled!

Sign up on https://snowpal.com, & enjoy the power of our platform.

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