If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you better not do it at all.

Yes, we all have bills to pay & commitments to keep but if you aren’t enjoying the biggest chunk of your week (which is at work, for most of us), you are bound to have regrets in life.

I have always felt blessed that I’ve been able to spend over 85% of my career doing what I’ve wanted to do, & more importantly, how I’ve wanted to do what I’ve wanted to do. And trust me when I say, it certainly didn’t happen by chance. I had to make (and continue to have to make) a lot of effort to realize that.

The only regrets I’ve are not the promotions that eluded me or the pay raises I didn’t get but the 15% of the time I spent doing what I didn’t want to do. I would love to get that time back.

So, go find that career your heart beats for, and knock it out of the park. Take risks. If you succeed (and there’s a good chance you will), great! If you fail, you at least failed doing something you loved doing.


One of the things my heart beats for is https://snowpal.com. It’s not the easiest thing I’ve signed up for in my life (not by a distance) but I wouldn’t change a thing, and will relentlessly march towards taking it where I know it has all the potential to go towards, & deserves to go.

– Judge us by the breadth of our features
– Judge us by the quality of our offerings (be it the web app, or mobile apps)
– Judge us by the attention to detail we pride ourselves on
– Judge us by the depth of each of our features
– Judge us by what we’ve achieved so far, and in a short span of time

Last but not least,

– Judge us by the number of cool things that are in the coming!

As Robert Frost would say, “…and miles to go before I sleep”.

Manage your projects on https://snowpal.com

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