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What could be more inspiring than reading about (& knowing) people who make an honest living all their lives, and live against all odds.

I’ve found it much harder to draw inspiration from “achievers” than from other ordinary folks such as myself who give it their very best every single day.

One of the reasons is quite simply that it’s easier to relate to them than to the Di Caprios, Nolans, Musks, Kalams, Laras or Jobs’ because it’s likely that you’ve never met or seen any of these folks, ever. The ones that work 9 hour days, 6 days a week – you’ve surely met them, done business with them, and last but not least, been inspired by them even if you haven’t actually realized it.

This article has surely inspired me a tiny bit more. And there’s probably no better way to kickoff a warm Sunday.

A recent connection of mine Vinitha Joseph is making an effort to connecting with this lady and if she does, the least I am looking to do is making a tiny monetary contribution. Sure, it’s the easiest thing to do but if it helps her even a teeny, tiny bit, I would shamelessly feel like an achiever myself for one day.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the lady in the post or the person who wrote it. But, I trust their credibilities. (I always start off trusting people even if it has bit me the wrong way more often than I would like to admit!)

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