Mobile App: Manage your projects at work and home – Be Organized. Be on Snowpal Pitch.

We are super excited to add another client to our repertoire. In addition to our existing Web App and HTML5 App, we’ve now launched iOS and Android Apps!

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Be Organized. Be Happy. Be on Pitch.

Project Management – Manage your projects at work using a Kanban-based tool with rich data visualization capabilities (Snowpal Pitch)

Absolutely excited about our most recent push (aka, deployment)!!

We are confident that this particular new feature will go a long way in helping us get a foot in the door of all those teams, and individuals, who’ve been looking for an alternative to a very busy (and often confusing) project management tool like Jira, and other such tools that require one to download a ton of browser plugins (that don’t always integrate well with each other).

Maybe, a fresh SaaS platform from a small, passionate, committed team that allows you to:

  • Manage your project(s) at work,
  • Plan your next vacation,
  • Help yourself (or your kids) achieve higher academic and other forms of success in school or college,
  • Manage the resources you find on LinkedIn better to satisfy your clients’ needs better,
  • Administer classes to a group of students and track their performance,
  • … And do a whole lot more, all in one place and with an ever increasing suite of both horizontal (platform) features and vertical (niche) services — is what you need!

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Be Organized. Be Happy. Be on Pitch.

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Kanban lets you organize all your content and view it in one place. Be on Snowpal Pitch.


Create relations between your Keys, Blocks and Pods to make navigation even more efficient! Think of relations as Scoped Bookmarks.


If you are the kind of person who likes to stay on one page and organize your work, Kanban was built with you in mind! Set your Kanban preferences at the Key, Block or Pod level, and those resources will render in Kanban mode.

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Be Organized. Be Happy!

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